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Providing High Quality Design Services for 43 Years!

Meshtex Ltd are a south Manchester based design company with a long history.

We started out here on Poynton Industrial estate in Poynton, Cheshire (approx 12 miles south of Manchester city centre) back in 1972, and have decades of experience in supplying high quality business to business design services, working with some of Britain’s most well known fashion and furnishings brands.

Our diversification into website design began around 10 years ago when we had paid a web design company several thousand pounds for a website, which we were not at all impressed with upon completion. The design was fine, but it was basically an OK looking online brochure – which isn’t what we were expecting, especially for the amount we had invested. It certainly wasn’t the business generation tool we were hoping for.

So we spoke to a local web development & marketing expert, our experienced design studio worked with him to create the website ourselves, and within a week of completion this new website was generating online sales. We then realised that our design experience when combined with web development and marketing experience, was a very powerful combination, so we recruited this person and Meshtex Website Design was born.

Up until recently, we have not promoted the website design service at all, we simply haven’t needed to, as each web design project that we complete brings us new referrals. We have simply created the Meshtex Website Design website because we always find it embarassing when explaining to a web design client that we do not have our own website…

Why Work With Meshtex Website Design?

We have been in business for a long time!

We are very well established, and if you do a look up on company check you will see that we are a very stable and healthy company.

When you’re investing in a new website, you want to be sure that the company will remain business for some time to come, in order to keep supporting you, and this is certainly the case with us. We were here 43 years ago, and we will be here in 43 years time.

We specialise in developing business growth tools.

We understand that businesses today need business and sales generation tools, not merely pretty looking online brochures,.

We have the skills and abilities required in order to provide our clients with websites which have the potential to become our clients most valuable resource, which is what a website should be, in the age of the internet!

Reasonable Pricing!

We believe that we charge the right price for web design. We understand the need to make a margin (we wouldn’t have been in business for so long if we didn’t), and we’re not a new company hungry for work and trying to be the cheapest on the market in order to build a customer base.

On the other hand however, we also understand the need to not overprice services, and to offer competitive rates. We are not giving ourselves the title of “agency” in order to bump up the perceived value of our services, and we do not want our clients to have to re-mortgage their homes in order to work with us!

So if you’re looking to pay a reasonable price for a website which will not only look great, but which will also have the potential to help you to grow your business, we don’t think you can go wrong by working with us.

No Sales Team

It is our abilities and the quality of the work that we do which brings in new business, we do not need to employ telesales staff or field sales people to bring in new projects. The benefit of this to you as our client, is that if you make an enquiry, you will not be hounded by a sales person trying to close the deal. We will simply reply with a quotation, and we’ll let you come back to us if you want to go ahead.

What this also means to you is that if you do invest in your new website with us, 100% of your budget is going into design and development, there is no chunk required to cover the sales team commissions.

No Stress!

We are a nice, friendly personable bunch, and we like to develop great relationships with our clients. The fact that we are this way enclined usually makes for a stress free process, and there is no doubt that web design can be stressful for the client!

For instance, if we deliver the first mock up and you hate it, we won’t have an argument with you ;-). You’re the customer, it’s your website, in the instance of something like this we would simply find out exactly what you don’t like about it and start again, with no moaning whatsoever.

If you would be interested in working with us, simply use the “Quote Me” link at the top of the page to get a quotation, give us a call on 01625 876949 (monday to Friday, 9-5) or email us

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