About Meshtex Website Design

South Manchester based (Poynton, Stockport) Meshtex Ltd, having been trading in since 1972, are an incredibly well established design company with talented, experienced designers, and a long history of providing a fantastic service.

We didn’t begin with website design of course, since the idea of something called the internet would have sounded like alien technology in 1972 when we began trading.

Meshtex are a market leader in design and colour separation services and rotary screen engraving for the fashion and furnishings industry.

We work with some of the UK’s most popular furnishings and fashion brands, in fact there is a very good chance that you own at least one or two items (such as a sofa, curtains, wallpaper or items of clothing) that started off as designs in our studio here in Poynton, Stockport before being engraved in our factory onto rotary screens and sent off to the printer for production.

Fabric printing, and wallpaper printing is of course something which is now being done also digitally rather than just with the traditional rotary print process, so as the years progress the market shrinks, and we have to evolve in order to survive.

Website design is of course an obvious diversification for an experienced design company.

However, with the internet now being such an important business tool, we knew that we would need to be able to design not just great looking websites for our clients, but business growth machines specifically developed to harness the power of the internet from a marketing perspective. So we recruited a local skilled and experienced website marketing professional as project manager to ensure that the websites we deliver are 24/7/365 lead generation & sales machines, and not just pretty looking online brochures…

We are based in Poynton, Stockport, about 12 miles south of Manchester City Centre – yet thanks mainly to the referrals we get from our happy clients, we have many clients in the UK and also in Beverly Hills California, New York, Cyprus, Israel, Belgium, France and Germany.

If you would be interested in working with us, simply use the “Quote Me” link at the top of the page to get a quotation, give us a call on 01625 876949 (monday to Friday, 9-5) or email us

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